What can I take off from the single sided board?

I'm looking to make a pretty bare version of this board: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardSerialSingleSided3

If I don't need serial or any way to connect to the computer, what components can I remove from the schematic?

If no communications is required then C4 and everything to the left of it on the schematic can be removed.

How much of the power supply section you need depends on how you were planning to power the board, that is what voltage will you have access to?


The 16 mhz xtal, 2 x 22ph caps , a pull resistor for reset. Reset switch

Voltage reg and 100uf caps

Extras ....

a way of reprogramming it Led and resistor on pin 13

Also you could etch the whole board as is, and only solder in the parts you need. That way you have the flexibility to install the serial parts if you ever need it.

In my experience, if you're laying out a new SS board, you get the most simplification from leaving out the ICSP connector (which otherwise requires several signals be be routed in two directions instead of one.)

Please pardon the dumb newbee question, but in looking at the eagle diagram of the board, I notice a number of "dotted" lines. What are these?



Polygons, when you click the autoroute button they will looks normal.

Thanks for the help everyone else, I have managed to get a lot of stuff off of the board.