what components do i need?

Hi to all. I'm a Newbie to Arduino and I have to make a project for the university.
I want to control the intensity of some LED connected to arduino (and maybe other things like the speed of a fan, or the volume of a buzzer[if it's possible] and stuff like that) using a smartphone with a BT or wi-fi connection.
can someone make a list of what I need (espacially regarding resistors and other electronics-specific components as I don't know much about them)

also any idea of what I can control with the smartphone will be welcome!

thanks in advance

Sounds like you need to do some research!

I wonder if there are guides on the internet on how to interface LEDs with an arduino. Perhaps even tutorials? If only there was a way to search the internet. You might be missing the term PWM (Pulse width modulation) in your searches.

I will give you two helpful tips:

  1. Start with the LEDs and figure out how that works with the arduino
  2. Bluetooth and wireless are good ways to interface with a smartphone.