What connector for a Lumex  LCM-S01602DSF  LCD ?

I bought a Lumex LCM-S01602DSF 16x2 character LCD Display from eBay and now I want to attach it to my Arduino. But the LCD board has 16 tiny contacts on the edge of the board and I don't know what connector to use. I don't think I could solder them very well and would be afraid of damaging the LCD display board if I did so. I've never used this part before, but I think this is a common part and so there must be a connector for it, but I don't even know what to call it. Is it an “edge connector” or simply a female socket or connector of some sort?

There are a number of articles about the LCD display itself but I can't find any information on the connector. Does anybody know what specific connector I can use to attach this part to my Arduino, including part number and supplier if possible for the connector ? And how could I have figured this out from the datasheet, which is at: http://www.lumex.com/pdf/LCM-S01602DSF+A-V.pdf

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and assistance.

A lot of people do solder wires to pads like the ones on that module. It sounds like you’re new to building electronics, 'cuz those are definitely not “tiny” pads compared to what’s common these days.

You can use the same kinds of header pins and female connectors that are used on Arduino boards and shields to wire up the LCD.

Assuming that you’re a newbie, the best way to build your soldering skills and confidence is to practice on something expendable. You can buy scrap boards and cheap components from surplus dealers like Alltronics, Goldmine, and BG Micro (and lots of others: those just happen to be some of my long-time personal favorites). And maybe graduate to a few of those $5, 10-part kits, so you can actually tell whether you got everything right, based on whether it works or catches fire ;D


Thanks Ran for your comments. I am in fact a newbie to the hardware side (although not to the software.) I accept your advice that I will have to solder at least 6 or 8 wires onto this board. But it's hard to believe that this is the way it's used in a more professional situation. That's why I thought that there must some 16 pin female connector out there somewhere that would slip onto these pins. But thanks anyway.

You don’t have to connect wires to it: I just said that some people do. :slight_smile:

The most common approach is to solder header pins to the board. If there’s a “motherboard” in the equipment for it to connect to, manufacturers will either solder the pins to it, or put a matching socket on the board if they want it to be field-repairable.

Cable connectors like this one are available in a variety of sizes. But the price of getting them new tends to be high, so I usually use surplus ones.