What connector is this, please?

I recently acquired a bargain* electric gate controller (and ram) - a Fadini Elpro 27 with Hindi 880 - but where the motors etc. are supposed to connect to the controller needs a specific terminal type. The standard plug in terminal types don't look right (designed for round pins). I've attached a photo of the socket where the numbered terminals should go (connector.jpg)

as well as a picture found online of what they should look like (fadini.jpg)

*£25 instead of £950 :slight_smile:

They look a lot like printed circuit board (pcb) edge connector sockets, not used much today. A pcb would have circuit pads up to the edge lining up with each of the sockets and wiring or traces from those pads to the components on board. you could see if the sockets line up with the traces on a veroboard and if so, hard wire to that to make you connections.

They do look like they are the same spacing as Veroboard (albeit over 2 tracks - 5.08mm spacing) so can buy the normal plug in connectors. The problem I have now is removing the old ones - my solder sucker isn’t strong enough to completely release each pin

Heat up each pin, one at a time, add fresh solder and once it's nice and molten and the plastic is melting as well, grab the pin with a needle nose plier and yank it out. Repeat for the rest of the pins and you have the connector removed.

// Per.

Ah. For some reason I was reluctant to destroy the old connector but you are probably right