What could I be doing wrong?

I hope this is in the right section and i'll make this as short as possible.

I am a Newbie when it comes to Arduino; I am trying to teach myself, following tutorials on the net as I find them. So far I have been fairly sucuessful at recreating most any simple project I've tried. Everything from my 16x2 LCD to a thrown together motor controller on the breadboard, anyway. Tonight I was in Radio Shack and I happened across this [http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=16513056]. It was on clearance for $15 so I could not pass it up. Got home and started trying to find a sketch, something, anything that would let me see that it was working via serial.

I started out by gong here [http://blog.radioshack.com/2013/01/radioshack-camera-shield-for-arduino-boards/] and getting the included zip that contained a sketch and other useful datasheets / reference. After uploading the Camera sketch and trying to run it, I realized it was looking for a SD card (which I don't have yet). I started searching for a sketch that didn't require the SD card that might give me some hint it was working, I have not been successful yet.

I found the datasheet for the Video Processor [http://www.adafruit.com/datasheets/VC0706%20Digital%20Video%20Processor%20Datasheet.pdf] as well as References to serial commands to control the camera via the uart. I also downloaded the library for the chip from Adafruit, as well as another from github. Still after doing all that I can't get any response from it Via serial or anywhere else.

One thing that is still got me confused is it's operating voltage, RS has it listed as 5v I have also read that it runs at 3v. Could someone point me in the right direction so can at least know it's working? I am no where near smart enough to do some of the things I want to do but if I ever needed the part for something I would already have it, Below are the links to the libraries I installed for the camera.



This is the last sketch I tried before giving up. Maybe you guys can tell me what is wrong. [http://www.electronics123.net/amazon/datasheet/y201ttlasc.txt]

Did you download the sketch and schematics from the Radio Shack product description?


Yes I did, I compiled that sketch but it requires an SD card shield which I have not purchased yet. I was just tying to find an easy way to verify that the camera is functional. That's what my biggest problem with everything I tried above in my first post, everything expects an SD card. I'm not so much concerned with taking pictures as I am with streaming the raw data the CCD see's.

Have you tried taking out the SD code and just counting the number of bytes that would have ben copied to the SD card? Then you can display that number as an indication that the camera is working.

I have been trying to work on that today and have not had very much luck as of yet. What makes me mad is the included camera sketch in the Radio shack zip does not include a library. Not for the video controller, they decided to do direct chip register calls instead of using a library, that would have simplified things so much. I guess my biggest problem is I'm trying to do more than I really know how to do. My programming skills are bleh at best. I can follow the flow of a program, and understand the basics when it comes to changing / adding routines I become the master dyslexic programmer; EVERYTHING gets all twisted in my brain, I could end up destroying a toaster.

Thanks for the replies, I'm so bad to bite of more than I can chew; I see these projects and that spawns ideas in my head but I can never translate it to the real world.

Just KEEP AT IT... It's all right you're still trying to learn and this is Exactly how it's done.. I'm proud of you.