What do I do next? Program to Project...

It's a simple question but I am just starting out so forgive me...

I am controlling a string of LED's with my Arduino and now I want to install the lights into this plexi glass box and I want them to blink how I programmed them.

What do I need to transfer the program/chip to my project and have it run the program in my project...?

This is what I am thinking; I need a chip, a PCB, and a power source and some other components. Does anyone have an easy schematic for the layout I would need and what kind of chips can I order, do they have to be ATmega's? Since I am writing simple and small light programs can I get a really simple and cheap chip?

I don't even know the terminology to ask for what I need, I am pretty sure a bunch of people already make what I am looking for.

Thank you for your time.

The easiest, is to by one of the very simple arduino clones like the really bare bones Arduino, or yhe Ardweeny from solarbotics.

The Ardweeny is 9.95 US $, and before you get yourself a Atmega 328, perfboard 16Mhz crystal and handfull of other stuff you have spend more than 10 bucks building your own.

You will need to either put the chip from the Ardweeny into another Arduino board to program it or by a (14$ ish) USB to FTDI thingie. Solarbotics and many other sells this device, that can be used with many of the simple Arduino clones.

That makes sense, I can program my chip on the full blown board I have and pop the chip in the bare bones and be good to go...

Thanks, I now know that the clones are the easiest way to do what I need, just have to order a few.