What do I need for a 10.1" 50pin LCD TFT Display (only 30$!)

Hi everyone!

I was looking for a cool LCD TFT display for an arduino and I found this one: http://www.buydisplay.com/default/10-1-inch-1024x600-50-pins-tft-lcd-display-w-touch-panel-and-touch-driver

I want to buy this one because it's really cheap! But my question is what do I need for this display. I'm new to arduino and I think I can make really cool things with it. So can anyone tell me what for arduino I need and wich shield I need for my project. I already googled for this but I coulnd't found something. Sorry for my bad english it isn't my main language :stuck_out_tongue: !

Anyway I hope someone can help me out here!


It seems that the controller for this display does not contain a local memory for the display content. This will make it very difficult (maybe impossible) for the 8-Bit controllers (e.g. Arduino Uno) to control this display.


Olikraus does have a point but if the screen is compatible and does in fact work with an Arduino Uno then this is a good diy shield to help you with with the many inputs that the screen has: http://www.instructables.com/id/Extra-IO-Pins-For-Your-Arduino-Uno/


I found this screen with a driver on ebay too. Can this thing help me and is there a HMDI shield or VGA for arduino? And my last question is if there is a HDMI or VGA shield is the touch screen working too if i'm connecting him to the arduino?


rex5511, the problem is the amount of data that must be feed continously into the display of the initial post. 8 Bit controllers are not fast enough for the required bandwidth. I think there is a VGA library, but same problem will be there. The load on the 8 bit controller will be very high and only simple graphics is possible.