What do I need to build a window opener?

As stated in the title I am looking to build a semi-automatic window opener.
I was thinking about using a simple stepper motor that's strong enough to lift a window up (the window is located on the roof, so I just need a linear stepper motor that extends a coil of some sort vertically about 35-40 cm.

My problem is, that I've never done anything related to arduino or stepper motors ever before. So I need to know what stepper motor to use and what kind of controller is necessary for my needs.

Additionally I was thinking to use a microcontroller of some sort to build a functionality that extends the coil (opening the window) from the stepper motor and pulls it back (basically closing the window) entirely after a specified time for example 10 minutes.

Apologies for my poor knowledge but I thought I might find some help here :slight_smile:

look for "arduino linear actuator tutorial"

here is a first video hit (not a recommendation)


You'll first need to figure out approximately how much force it takes to open or close the window in the first place. Does the window require force to both open and close, or just to hold it open?

Currently the window is opened and closed by rotating a screw which is connected to a threaded coil on the window. If nothing is being rotated the window stays at current position.
It does require some force, so I thought that a regular stepper motor, like these from a 3d printer, are too weak to rotate the threaded coil.

The idea of a linear actuator seems to be the better approach but I am concerned, that they would be either too expensive and/or too loud.

I also know that there are plenty automatic window opening devices for this exact purpose, but I have been inspired by some arduino videos to do it myself and see if I can do it at all :slight_smile:

Once I got the base setup for the device done I thought about adding some smart features like a wifi connection to it or some more sensors that detect air quality to then open or close the window depening on what detection has been made.

If the current window opens and closes with rotational motion, might be best to keep it this way! You can get yourself a more powerful stepper motor from a place like a StepperOnline, and find a way to couple it to the screw currently there. You can then power and control the stepper motor using a driver and adequate power supply. All that's left is to find a wifi-equipped Arduino, and utilize an Arduino stepper library to control the system. I recommend AccelStepper and it seems this account has a couple relevant tutorials. Without knowing approximately how much force is required I can't recommend a certain motor or driver yet.

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Sounds great! Do you have any help for how I could figure out how strong my stepper motor should be?

Why using a stepper for this purpose? A DC-Motor and two end switches will do the work. A DC-motor of the same size has much more tourque and is easier to handle.

Can you tell us the rest of your plan? For example, how are you going to power the motor? How are you going to tell the motor to open or close the window?

Firgelli automations has an assortment of actuators like this. I think the one I linked was originally sold to open and close windows. I have a couple and they are pretty well built and develop a lot of torque.

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Love those gear mortors, low current, high torque, small size.

Don’t forget you can buy automatic window openers such as for green houses - worth a look , may do the job or may provide parts or inspiration

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