What do I need to do this? rangefinder or motion?

I am a newbie. want to create some kind of rangefinder for my blind daughter. I know the HC-SR04 is a decent range finder but is there something smaller? What I am trying to do is this:

  1. a micro or extremely small rangefinder device that allows her to hold and it makes a beep sound.. from say 12 feet to 1 foot. it will either beep or tell her that the object is close by.

  2. It can also vibrate or possibly just only to make it vibrate stronger and stronger when the object is closer.

  3. What do I really need. Please let me know and I will buy everything that is needed. I want the device to be able to be package into a small little box or handle or even possible something as a arm band since she does not like to carry things around.

  4. Do I need a motion sensor or rangefinder or both? Won't then it will be too big to package it into a small box? Let me know of also the cables, micro rechargeable batteries and wires, etc...

  5. She is a young child.

Hi, See this example:


Where are you located? Send me a mailing address and I'll send you all the parts except the flashlight battery case..

Regards, Terry King ...In The Woods in Vermont, USA terry@yourduino.com

If you want to make some other configuration like a smaller container / armband let me know. I'd like to show that variation along with the "Handbat" on http://ArduinoInfo.Info