What do i need to make an Arduino an APM

Hi guys

I've got an Arduino Uno R3
and my goal is to make a QuadCopter or anything that i can control via the MissionPlanner software

So What do i need to make my Arduino uno R3 an APM that will be able to communicate with MissionPlanner and be used like an APM ?

Help will be appreciated


APM terminology overview:

Changing hardware environment:

... I’m curious of the fate of the Arduino (APM) hardware and Mission Planner software. Its still good stuff, lets hope that support remains, but if its dead I would rather know sooner than later.

Arduino-centric forum for APM:

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I found references to Arduino Mega2560 but not to UNO. The Mega has significantly more resources in flash and SRAM than Uno.
At least one Uno user has been active in APM arena:

Uno, however does support lots of non-aerial robotic chassis.