What do I need ?!

Hi, I'm tom and I'm making a machine semilar to the 2 euros machine http://tinkerlog.com/2012/03/30/the-2-euros-machine/

I'm creating this machine for an Intern assignment, and due the short period I was wondering if you can help me find out what parts of Adruino are best to use for the device.

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Well first you’re going to need to be able to articulate what specific things you want to animate in what way, on your display.

To a first approximation, I would suggest getting several cheap servos, some microswitches, some small motors and a handful of transistors and diodes for making them go. Then, when you’ve got some experience with operating those things from an Arduino, come back to your interactive display project and decide what you want to do.

You would get better help if you had named this telling what your making I would ask a mod to change the name

To something like this

What parts do I need to make a money collecting machine.

Not really much less you want to count the money. So most of what you add to it is really for show. I would think of added blinking LED's to cache peoples eyes so they drop in some money.