What do we all reckon to this BE BOARD starter kit on Indiegogo? (ends 31/Nov)

I'm very suprised I've not seen any chatter about this on here - perhaps the person behind it is persona-non-grata (Arduino politics gets confusing sometimes!).

Anyway, I just saw something on twitter about this:

Basically, there's various levels of Leondardo clone-based kits - for example, it claims that for the $29 pack you get $85-$112 worth of kit. There's also a "perk" of 5 Leonardo-style boards for $50, although nothing gets delivered 'til spring 2014.

Looks interesting; the first thing that bothers me is the import duty (which kicks in at items over £15 imported into the UK).
Going to have to figure out how much it would be if I get "intercepted".

As it all seems to end in about 30 hours (from now), and there seems to be a fair amount to read, has anyone else formed any opinions on these packs?

Three things…

  1. It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. At least one-third of the forum members are inactive until Monday.
  2. Even if it was not Thanksgiving weekend, bumping your thread after just over 24 hours is ridiculous. Don’t be so impatient.
  3. The price is $15 not $10. For one more dollar I can get a Teensy delivered within a week. Why would I wait until February for an ATmega32U4 board?

Nothing? No-one got any thoughts on a $10 Leonardo at all?

...a simple question with a reasonable explanation for the lack of response...

Followed by your pointless harsh sarcasm...

My apologies - I didn't realise it was mandatory for the rest of the world to observe your timezone and holidays.

I'm finished with this conversation. I do not have the patience to put up with your crap.

I bought one of the "Borderless Electronics" Leonardo clones via their original kickstarter, because I didn't have a 32u4 based board, didn't want to spend a lot on it, and didn't really care how long it took to arrive, and desired the "exact leonardo clone." (Mostly, I want it to debug other peoples' problems.)

It seems to work fine so far.

OTOH BE seems to be pushing the limits of what I consider "reasonable" use of crowdsourcing, and I don't particularly believe their claims of charitable intent. Other vendors are selling similar boards at similar prices ( http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/seeeduino-lite-p-1487.html?cPath=6_7 ), with more value-add, shorter delivery times, and more traditional business models.

On the third hand, I don't actually see anything WRONG with running a pre-pay and long lead-time business model to reduce costs. It just feels a bit weird. It'll be interesting to see if BE manages to continue to make this work.