What do you think about a new do it yourself e-paper display kit?

Do it yourself e-paper display kit is not actually product yet, but with your help it will be.

We are interested in your opinion.

You will find a link at the bottom of the product description that will help us evaluate the product.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter!

VisiKit final US 2013-09-09.pdf (242 KB)

Dear Sirs,

We made some limited demos for proving VisiKit concept. Good news is that you can draw your own segment layout using only a marker. And of course the display itself is super thin and viewable from both sides. Assembling time is approximately 30 minutes.

Demo 1: Running Moose, or Demo 2: Digger.

Please give us feedback here.

Yours faithfully, ... VisiKit team

i want one to play with, but ultra low power consumaption is a must

Hi, We are working super hard to make Visikit simple. And one main advantages of e-paper display technology´s is very low power consumption.

Just a few comments more. First, our do it yourself e-paper kit´s display diagonal size is 7 inch, which is twice bigger than other e-paper kits on the market. Second, you can design your own segment layout of up to 24 segments by drawing directly on the electrodes film. It means that you can assemble display from scratch by yourself. And of course you can control your image through computer communication interface or directly by ESD.

Please tell us, what do you like most about this product here?