what do you think about Nextion Screen ?

Hello every body

What do you think about Nextion screen display ?
Somethink like this 240 x 400 px display screen
Isit better or faster than TFT screen ?
How does it work ? (I understand it is by serial port only)
Is it easy to use ?


Do you know china clone (as Arduino Uno or Mega) ?

I hoped a real Nextion user would answer your question.

The Nextion is designed for user interaction with graphical objects such as buttons, as you know from Windows applications. The graphical objects are created with a graphical editor. Similar to Visual Basic on Windows.

If you use your display primarily for presentation (output), the Nextion is not optimal.

I have not used my Nextion so far, because I use displays mostly for text output.

So I have no experience with its speed; this may be an issue, dependent on the application.

nobody use it ?

The Nextion is a great device, the library supplied is crap IMHO, you better write your own.

Basically it communicates with the controlling via serial,
but it uses a non-standard triple 0xFF line delimiter and can have binary data embedded in the messages.

It is quite fast, at least much faster than normal TFTs on an Arduino.

If you understand how to communicate with it, it is easy to use.
A free hardware serial helps a lot (I use a Mega right now).

I have been using the Nextion for a year or so.. Good kit, the IDE is okay, Documention is the pits and the Arduino .h program too complicated

I have posted some simple commands that I use all the time in the Nextion Chat forum under
Beginners Options for a Nextion/Arduino interface

When I get to another computer I will post my latest list
The Nextion has a complicated series of return codes. The easiest route is to use a print statement on say a a button press ie print "B1" and detect this as a serial in in the Arduino. No messing around needed with the Nextion codes