What do YOU use arduino for?

You Can Select More Than 1 =P

i’d say - but it’s only a stomach feeling - that you will get 99%+ on ‘other’.

Yes… “other.” One ‘other’ is my hobby of collecting micros. I didn’t even realize it was a hobby until I looked at my collection: 6502, 6805, 6809, 8085, Z-80, 68000, NSC 8073, COP-8, HPC46003, 68HC11, 68HC16, PICs, Atmels, 8051, Propeller, Basic Stamp, etc.

The other ‘other’ is to keep somewhat up-to-date on what’s new in the micro world. Trying to get a job (if needed) and saying, “I know 6502 assembler” may not be very helpful. ;D


You should add Robotics to the poll.