What do you use for project enclosures

okay, the pig war, stupid problems. i have like four boards. there are no enclosures. my solution, 2x6 blank wooden signs with four 1/4 " dowels for a mini bookshelf. the four 12' dowels will have five card shelves. i don't want to use staticy plastic. what other solutions does anybody have?

I used to use these:
But now I 3d print my own.

Of course they are plastic. I don't see a problem maybe you could enlighten me.

I like free boxes that other products arrive in: Free project boxes - Community / General Discussion - Arduino Forum

ESD Electrostatic damage, the static charge on plastic can cause damage a message drilled into me when i worked on tomahawks at raytheon.

those are good cases, but I want a system to mount multiple cards in neatly for a pro look to sell

I print the housings for projects by myself.

I don't have a 3d printer and want a solution that I have to process little. I want off the self parts

do you feel that a 3d printer is fast enough for doing production work?

Generally, no - they're intended for prototyping.

I used to make mine with 3mm plywood, glued together, using clamps to keep it all square.
I would draw it and then print it out on paper. Then glue the paper onto the plywood and cut it out with a small table saw or scroll saw.

Then I bought myself a laser and the boxes I could make were much more complex.
You can always get some one else to cut it out for you.

Also see
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Hex pad

People use 3D printers for production work, but the usually have a lot of printers working. You can buy and run a lot of cheap 3D printers for what it costs for an injection molding machine and dies. I print my cases using PLA filament. I have not noticed any problems with static electricity. And I am sensitive about static, too, having spent 30 years around electrically actuated ballistic devices.

Mostly 3D mine or metal/bakelite from Jamesco/Amazon/Element14.
Around Atlanta suburbs, many "tobacco/smoke shops" will sell quality wood cigar boxes... maybe $15 for 10 boxes. Some can be rather ornate. Ask around.

So you want assistance with a product that you'll be selling?

Yes, i have made three side rockets from pizza boxes i have asked for free. i want a pro look to sell in my blog about using Adriano for a hobby security system. just asking for ideas that i may not have considered. i think a lot of people with money and time want a useful fun hobby. they may have a 3d printer i don't. i am trying to blaze a trail for others to follow. does anybody else have a good idea for cheap of the self solution to the enclosure problem?

I'm selling the idea in a blog

Post a drawing of the proposed enclosure. Might jog some ideas loose.

There is a lot more to making a product to sell than producing a working prototype. They need to be certified by the relevant bodies of the country you want to sell in.

For the US that will be the FCC and for Europe that will be all the things associated with CE. The tests you need to do will cost you about $2000 minimum and can take over a year. You then send the paper work off and they charge you a fee and verify or not if you can sell them. This is known as a barrier to entry.

I'm looking to start a blog about using Arduino as a security hobby system i'm looking for a professional off the shelf solution for hobbyists i'm not interested in selling products as much as ideas.

this is a solution to take. i want something that requires little skill. no jigs, no big-time assembly, no skill to make look pro. an easy simple solution for everyday folks to get in a hobby

For an off the shelf product that isn't plastic and is easy for makers to source check your local craft stores for cheap wooden boxes. They are usually made of lauan and come pre-hinged and with some manner of clasp or hasp.
At my local Michael's I can usually get a 5X7X3 for around $10.

If your providing a design to makers I can pretty well guarantee that 90% will ignore your suggestions for a box and use the nearest plastic or cardboard that they have, so do this part for yourself.

As for keeping the boards separate, get an assortment of standoffs: