What do you use for project enclosures

Also, static buildup on plastic has a lot to do with the motion of the plastic and the static on the surrounding surfaces. When working on any projectile with electronics you are likely to deal with static many orders of magnitude greater than a kid with a plastic gameboy or a photographer with a plastic digital camera.
I think your stigma might be a bit unnecessary.
Turn your head to the left and sweep right counting all of the electronics in plastic cases, bet you can't do it with one hand.

not a case
Not a case. need something for 4 cards. i just don't like plastic. my preference after twenty years in the industry

Cool, good luck.

Thank you! does anybody have any other things they have found to produce a professional result for a multi-board case?

i can't use fancy green standoffs on Arduino mega 2560. there seems to be little to make a multi-board system enclosure.

I use Hammond plastic boxes, using plastic standoff's to hold the boards. As for ESD once the boards are in the box it no longer matters. That is assuming you I/O wires are ESD protected.

As for the Tomahawks, that's likely 10 levels above commercial electronics.

the Arduino mega 2560 does not line up with other cards i am using. i need a system that will mount different cards on a universal case of some sort. i don't want to cut out wood shelves. i want to buy off the self items that require little processing. Presentation1
this is the best i can come up with, anyone got better?

When faced with your situation If two of the three match, then I mount two on the cover an one in the box.

I have on occasion used a sheet of FR4 between boards to make up for the holes no lining up. Could also be a think piece of Lexan

I started in Aerospace then moved to Automotive. I've come to appreciate what can and cannot be done in plastic.

I prefer plastic standoffs. Many of the Arduino type boards do not have a large keep out zone around the screws. With plastic I don't have to worry about shorts. Nylon is a pretty tough material.

I agree that some people will want to do this. for my blog i was interested in a general solution that required little processing. using 2x6 sign blanks, they are cut out. to drill 4 holes for 12 " 1/4" dowels in the blanks is a pain for me. cheap, quick, easy.

I usually only put projects in boxes if I am going to "install" it somewhere. I agree the mechanical and connector part of a project takes a long time. I've not found a suitable "one size fits most" solution.