What does an RC transmitter send?

I have been working on my quadcopter where trial and error has been my inefficient best friend…
So my code’s first version was retarded, and I haven’t updated it recently. I plan to do so within the month. see here

Anyway, I am curious – what does the transmitter send the rx? With my better understanding of quadcopters in this hobby (not that it is expert or good or whatever), I would assume it is the PWM microsecond values for the ESCs to write. Then, per us sent, a sort of identifier separates that value from roll or yaw so that the intended command is done.

Please correct me if I’m wrong

BTW i am building a pure scratch built quadcopter. Own software, bought some parts like ESC, motors,PDB… own frame…

JeromeAriola: Anyway, I am curious -- what does the transmitter send the rx?

I believe the modern 2.4GHz systems use something like the Nordic nRF24 modules (or their Cypress equivalents) so who knows what is actually transmitted. Well I do know that the guy who makes the Deltang devices knows what the Spektrum (Cypress modules) are sending because his units will work with Spektrum transmitters, but he won't say. Presumably it took him a few days to find out :)

However what comes out of the receiver must be the standard servo signals, either on separate lines, one for each servo, or as a stream of interleaved pulses on a single line.


So basically similar to what I have been doing with my project. Thanks for the info.

If you go to Brainybits web site there is a tutorial on that very topic using an old RC transmitter to control Arduino and what the signals are