What does CE Code mean?

I am writing a Glossary, and need the definition of CE Code, please. I have researched it, and can only find the definition of Canadian Electric info. I really dont think that is what Arduino is talking about. Thank you very much.

Your use of the word code is wrong here. You need this:-

So, form the link of Grumpy_Mike you may see that, for certain products, CE means China Export. :slight_smile: I didn't know that.

CE means China Export.

Yes that is a way that some Chinese manufacturers try and fake a CE mark. Because they never test anything anyway most just put a fake CE mark on things.

And graphically the letter are a little more close to each other.

Hi, a small run manufacturer that I used to work for, had to have a product CE certified.
The device which included a custom made taped 10Kw 240Vac transformer, Microchip embedded control board and array of power Thyristor packs was sent to a lab that specialised in providing all the info needed and testing for CE.

The unit came back in the same box that it was sent in but;
The toroidal tapped transformer had been CUT into two pieces, winding removed. (impressive cut)
PCB cut in two.
All nuts and bolts had their surfaces ground off to check base material.
Anything that we could not provide already certified CE documentation had literally been physically dissected using any force necessary to see its components.

It got CE, but they demolished a unit to get to all the parameters needed.

Tom..... :slight_smile:
PS Wish I had a picture of the toroid cut in half, scary with copper wire frayed.

It got CE, but they demolished a unit to get to all the parameters needed.

Looks like they did a good job with only one sample.

Hi, yep, it weighed over 30kgs with the toroidal transformer, I know I had to load the transformer into the jig to attach the precut wire to the taps.

Tom.... :slight_smile: