What does it want from me ? blood?

I have the Arduino Experimenter’s kit with the 328 chip. My computer is on Vista.

I have the blinking light working – finally!

I have been able to change the LED to different pins.

So, after basking in the glow, I decided to take another baby step. The pamphlet said to ‘play around’ by moving the LED to analog pin 9 and to replace the code (in the Loop Void) with: analogwrite(ledPin, new number);

I have been able to change from pin 13 to pin 9

BUT, when I replace the digital syntax with - analogwrite(ledPin, 150) - I get the following errors:
error: ‘analogwrite’ was not declared in this scope

So, I read up on what scope means (I have no programing experience) and declaring it, and started trying every combination I could think of and placed it in every possible place on the page. I get a various errors but mostly it keeps coming back to the same error, about not declaring it.

What does it want from me – blood?

sp ‘analogWrite’


Thank you so much, I've spent hours on this. The pamphlet doesn't show a capital W, but that's the only change I needed to make. I thought I had to declare it in some place called the scope. Green as grass I am.
It's working now!
Thanks again!

What does it want from me – blood?

Rule to follow:

Never ever argue with compiler errors, it’s always your fault. ;D



You don't even start to imagine how right you are... ::slight_smile: