What does -> mean?

I'm new to programming so please forgive my lame question. I came across this...


...in some code and I can't seem to figure out what it does.

The term was found after downloading the IRremote library from here...


...and opening up the IRrecvDump sketch.

It's used in this context...

int count = results->rawlen;

and here...

Serial.print(results->value, HEX);

Again, I'm sorry if I'm not asking this in the correct place or in the correct manner. I've been searching the forums and tutorials with no luck - so I thought I'd ask here.

Thanks in advance!


It dereferences the pointer and accesses that member variable.

int count = results->rawlen;

... is the same as:

int count = (*results).rawlen;

Think of


as being this 'pointing to' that.