what does RESET actually do

ok background I have my own 'duino clone all seems to work fine loaded blink sketch LED blinks so far so good

the sketch starts by setting the LED on for 1 second in setup() then sends SOS in morse code ok it's silly but that isn't the question

when I hit the reset button (which hold RESET signal low) I get a couple of flashes on the LED, then 1 second on, then morse code sequence starts

is this expected behaviour?

(well I didn't expect it!)

Maybe. If the processor has a bootloader installed.

it thinks it's a UNO - does that make a difference?

I have seen that various boot loaders are available - how do you tell which one you have?


phew - that's a relief!

it looked like it was running the "S" part of my morse code sketch - bizarre I thought

now I know - cheers Drew & CodingBadly