what does that mean?


I can't upload sketches to my Arduino clone (BBB) The characters get echoed nicely in a terminal but when I issue

C:\Arduino\tools/avr/bin/uisp -v=4 -dpart=atmega168 -dprog=s tk500 -dserial=/dev/com3 -dspeed=9600 --upload if=C:\Work\ATMEL\Blink\applet\Blink.hex

I get Transmit: { 0 [30] [20] } Receive: { 0 [30] [20] } [VP 1] Device is not responding correctly.

What does that mean, what should a "good" output look like and what to do next?


Try changing the speed from 9600 to 19200.

same output what should a "good output" look like?