what does this code mean/does ADC->ADC_IDR=~(1<<27); ?


it looks to me like it is setting some interrupt for the analog pin and it is assigning something.

I wonder what it does. I am looking at some codes to read the analog pin on Ardino Due

and send the reading every 1 us to a buffer / RAM

I think that 1 us is the top speed for Due.

and what would be the difference with similar code


those are good codes they compile with no errors but only on Due.

Why have you started a new thread about the same code? Why are YOU not reading the damned data sheet? ALL your questions are answered there.

the data sheet does not explain what for example ~(1<<27) means

it only says that ADC_IER is Interrupt Enable Register

But I have no idea that the code ADC->ADC_IDR=~(1<<27); ? does.

Bitwise complement operator ~

Bitwise compliment operator is an unary operator (works on only one operand). It changes 1 to 0 and 0 to 1. It is denoted by ~.

1<<27 is the single digit 1 left-shifted by 27 places. I’m not going to type out 27 zeroes but it will give you a value that looks something like 00010000000…

Add the ~ and your value looks like 111011111111…