What does this piece of a soldering station do?

I’ve done my best to find what the heck this part does but since I don’t even know what to call it I haven’t had much luck. Can anyone explain?

A convenient place for the kids to stick post-it notes with reminders for tomorrow's lunch.


That's not very convenient - who wants long strands of solder all over the work space? I'd rather that be a loose base that can be moved around.

And the post-it notes will fall off too, I don't think they stick to solder very well.

When I need to put a little yellow sticky (the generic term for Post-It brand products, regardless of actual size or color) somewhere, I generally either rivet it in place or weld it. Soft soldering does not have adequate mechanical strength to hold it. ;)

Rob Rothman

spycatcher2k: He He - its for mounting rolls of solder.

Thanks Spy! I knew it had to be something simple..

Hi, I don’t use the roll holder, just have the solder roll sitting on end on bench, slowly walking its way to the bench edge as I pull solder off it.
Without notice, falls of bench, cracks off bit of former plastic end, then proceeds to roll across the floor.
Trailing length of solder unwinding it as it goes.

solder as in soul-der not sodd-errrr.

Tom… :slight_smile:

It is probable that piece workers use solder in that fashion to repetitively solder boards, but I doubt any of us do. :D

solder as in soul-der not sodd-errrr.

I would imagine that the American pronunciation, if used in the UK or Oz, could be misinterpreted, given one meaning of "sod" in those parts of the world. Here in the US, "sod" only refers to a piece of grass, so "sodder" carries no derogatory connotation.

I guess I'm a bit off topic, so I'll shut up.

Rob Rothman