What Equipment do I need?

Hi so I am basically trying to develop a system whereby when an RFID card is swiped against a reader a song will play. The song will be different depending on what card is swiped.

I want to try and make this wireless, asides from the RFID Reader and RFID cards, what equipment do I need to make this project?

I am relatively new to ardunio and so would appreciate any advice on what to use in terms of speakers and making this wireless. :o

I'd really sincerely appreciate any knowledgable advice..

Do you have the RFID reader yet?

I would just go to the Spark Fun website and look for all the Pieces:

RFID reader

MP3 player

Should be pretty easy to incorporate the two.

I have the RFID reader and all the arduino (cables etc), the thing I'm unsure about with regards to the speaker is making it wireless. A lot of people have been saying I will need Bluetooth of sort to do this? In this case do I need to buy a bluetooth speaker or just a bluetooth shield and a regular speaker?

You want a wireless speaker?

I would get an FM transmitter module. Then all you need is a standard FM radio receiver: