What ESC to use with DYS Hollow shaft brushless motor BGM2606-90

Hey all! I am trying to make a 2 axis gimbal using these Brushless motors and an MPU 6050.

The motors are called DYS Hollow Shaft Gimbal brushless motor (BGM2606-90 Website: http://www.dys.hk/ProductShow.asp?ID=110) but I cant figure out which ESC to get. I don't know exactly what I am looking for, and there is no true data sheet on the motors. The only somewhat useful value I could find was the motors have 11.25 ohms of resistance. Could someone help me?

It is 40 grams. 0.2mm wire. 2A max {u will find similar at dys wemsite}

Is this link useful? simplebgc.com