what exactly is arduino and how does it helps me to build a robot

I am studying electronics (sophomore) and want to build a robot (lots of ideas are there). So, after googling couple of days, I landed here.

I appreciate if anyone could help me on it. To be more specific, can anyone tell me a book which teaches me robotics; At the end of the day, I should be able to build a robot on my own. As I know C and Python, I don't think programming would be a problem.

Thanks for your help!

This resource should help:


The simple fact you say you know Python means that programming is a problem :P It is, however, tempered by you knowing C...

Well, programming is a problem as I don't know how to practically use it in robotics.

  • Anyway, I've come across a project where python is used to write http server for a robot and mobile..

You can use Arduino for making a robot very easy. There are even some platforms that are specially made for Arduino.

If you want to do it, get an Arduino starterpack, which will help you get started with all the basics you need to know. I made an obstacle avoiding robot which was pretty easy to do. At the moment I am working on making it find a light source or find the coldest/hottest spots in a room as well, but it's on hold because of other more creative projects.

Check out the let's make robots community for examples of what you can do with Arduino and robotics.

I build my first robot based on the tutorial here http://www.societyofrobots.com/ The nice thing is that it focuses on cheap. I did not use the pic they advised but arduino as I am fluent in C C++. The rest of the tutorial really helped me to get a grasp on building robots. Have fun with your robot Jantje