What filter to use for angular velocity from IMU MPU6050?


I want to smooth/filter the output from the IMU MPU6050 gyroscope which is the angular velocity, but i don't want to use complex filters, like Kalman filter. From what i understand, ideally, i should use a high-pass filter, but during my research, i haven't found any relatively easy high pass filter than i can implement on Arduino UNO. So, i'm thinking using maybe Moving Average filter or Exponential filter?? Are these good choices? And are there other filters which would be better and at the same time, reasonably easy to implement and run on Arduino UNO?

"Smoothing" is a low pass filter. It allows slow changes in output, but not rapid ones.

Moving average or exponential filters are simple-to-implement low pass filters.

Well, then i guess none of my considerations will work as a high pass filter…

I did more research and i found this page with high pass filters but this is more advanced than i can handle right now: Highpass Filter - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Is there a simpler Arduino-implementable way of removing the spikes from the gyro angular velocity? Or rather, a high pass filter on Arduino?

As stated you need to implement a low pass filter.

This page should help you get going.