what happen to ASProxy

does any body knows where to download it.

I don't think he's talking about that ASProxy. If I'm not mistaken, balam, you're referring to the piece of software Massimo wrote for triggering apple script via Arduino: http://tinkerlondon.com/now/2007/04/26/control-your-mac-from-arduino-the-easy-way/

I have been searching for a copy of it like mad, but I simply can't find it anywhere. I'm working on a work-around using Keyboard Maestro? I can set my applescript to launch when any simple key, let's say "h" is pressed. My question for anyone is if I am sending an "h" to the serial port from Arduino, how do I get the Mac to see this as a keypress? My understanding is that I need to use something such as SerialPort X to listen to the port my Arduino is connected to? however I'm a little lost with the commands?

Richard Crowley : Please be nice an cool in forums ( forums are to ask , and learn ) You always reply to post in forums with a non-related answers : like search , or do you know of google, if you do not want to reply to a post , just do not bother to reply, ( is not good for newbies to be slap by forum user )

Finoran Yes that is exactly what I mean. and thank you for your great Help. ;)

thats is fine Richard You honesty is admirable

Finoran this may lead you to a solution


balam – unfortunately that doesn't help me because I need the serial data to be read by the computer as an actual keystroke that can interact with any software, not just serial data to processing.

I have found a solution though: a shield that outputs USB, and a library to be able to write keystrokes natively: http://www.practicalarduino.com/projects/virtual-usb-keyboard

I know what you need there is software that does it is open source ( I can not find it ....been loking for hrs ) any way, I tried and listen to serial caracters then you route that info My problem was that My mac after a while became a crazy mac. if I find the link will share it here.


do you own an uno? if so you can make it show up as hid device not sure how but I know it posible...