what happend to 1.8.9-serial monitor? [SOLVED]

in brief, here is my problem description:
ESP32 DevBoard(USB)->programming-OK-restart->NO output on serial monitor at all
ESP32 WROOVER (USBSERIAL)->programming-OK-restart->output on serial monitor OK

ESP32 DevBoard(USB)->programming-OK-restart->output on serial monitor OK
ESP32 WROOVER (USBSERIAL)->programming-OK-restart->output on serial monitor OK

As far I've seen, there is a difference on platform.txt:

IDE_1.8.9 (name=ESP32 Arduino version=1.0.2)

IDE_1.8.7 (name=ESP32 Arduino version=1.0.0)

NOTE: NO output on serial monitor at all means, no output on IDE but output-OK on an extenal monitor(putty).

Any ideas or suggestions?
Thanks in advance

You have two variables here:

  • IDE version
  • ESP32 core version

You're blaming the problem on the IDE version, but it's just as likely the problem is the ESP32 core version. So try using the same ESP32 core version with both Arduino IDE 1.8.7 and 1.8.9. If the problem continues to be isolated to Arduino IDE 1.8.9 then you have confirmed your hypothesis that some change between Arduino IDE 1.8.7 and 1.8.9 is responsible for the problem.

I'm very sorry for blaming the problem on the IDE,
I've double-checked an you are right, the real problem was on the cores!

Many thanks for such a quick help,
warm regards, Hans

No apologies needed. I would have said there was a 50% chance it really was the IDE. I'm glad you were able to identify the source of the problem. Hopefully that will lead to a solution. Worst case scenario, you can continue to use the older working version of the ESP32 core.

I'm glad if I was able to be of some assistance.
Regards, Per