What happend to TFT_eSPI loadFont()

When I try to use this method I get the error message: 'class TFT_eSPI' has no member named 'loadFont'
And indeed it seems to be removed from 'TFT_eSPI.h'.
Which method do we have to use to load a custom font that lives in folder: data/fontName-15

To my astonishment the same message occurs when using a font stored in SPIFFS.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

After some search and thinking I've found the culprit.
When using build_flags settings in PlatformIO, we need to define SMOOTH_FONTS macro.
build_flags =
-DUSER_SETUP_LOADED=1 ; defined => User_Setup_Select.h is NOT loaded
-DSMOOTH_FONT=1 ; Needed since User_Setup.h is NOT used!

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