What happened to SD/MMC From the ground up.

SD/MMC From the ground up.
Recently, on the Arduino forum, a fellow has been asking for help in that famous thread, but to no avail. Two of us tried in as much as we knew how, but couldn’t succeed in giving him all the help he needed. He is fervently asking for help.

No, its not me

The subject, SD/MMC From the ground up, seems to have run into a patch of desert, it has dried up, response to the subject is almost nil. There seemed to be a flurry of interest at first, but now, nada. Where should one go for help on this subject? :-/

Pakrat :slight_smile:
(Perhaps I should change that)

I dropped out of the thread as I had mine working to the degree I needed and wasn’t able to contribute to the conversation around speeds and Linux case sensitivity.

I see the recent activity has only been this weekend (a 4 day one where I am!) and I’m sure someone will be able to assist soon.

(Having read over the problem, I’m not able to help unfortunately)

Thank you, Easty

Really, I mean that, thank you. You’ve given a good answer; in its singularity, it elucidates a couple of things. :wink:

Thank you, again
I appreciate your reply.