What happens when 12v raw is exceeded

For the Arduino Pro Mini, I know the specs say "up to 12v input power", but I'm interested in knowing what happens when 12v is exceeded. An example would be transient voltages as in an automotive application.


If the voltage goes above recommended maximum level, you risk destroying the device. A car battery can get above 14v easily. You need to use a voltage regulator to prevent excessive voltage.


Thanks weedpharma. But I'm trying to troubleshoot odd behavior with my Mini Pro, and wondering how it would handle voltage spikes over 12v. Would it reset, release magic smoke, or blow an internal fuse (is there one?), or ???

The little 150mA voltage regulator would likely fail, followed by the '328P.

It might be okay.

The voltage reg can handle up to 16V but for a car that's a bit on the low side. I would just buy a car charger and use that to power the Arduino. It's easy and cheap. Also less power wasted in heat then the onboard linear regulator so you're able to draw some current. With the onboard regulator @12V you can barley draw current because of the thermal specs.