What Hardware do I need for this Project

Hello, I am new to this forum so please apologize in case this question is already answered and I did not find it...

This is what I am looking for:

I built a "Feinstaubsensor" (partical mater sensor) as described on luftdaten.info. The device is hooked up in my local wlan and hosts a webservice where you can retrieve the current data like temperature, dust concentration etc. The described device is working 100% properly.

Now I want to build an arduino board with wlan access and display to show the current data on a wall display. I could us a arduino uno (which I already have) + wlan shild + display shild (which I would have to byu) but maybe there is a cheap and compact solution like a board including WLAN and a display shild from ...

What is the "best practice" aproach to this: get data from a webservice and display it.

Thanks to all of you Jens

One of the easiest solution is to take a ESP8266 or ESP32 and a SPI TFT.

Search for this in this forum and you will find.

There are lots of ESP8266 with display projects which can show information from a web api. The most common examples are weather displays but you can reprogram them to show whatever you want.

Google for "esp8266 tft weather".