What have they used?

I found this vid on YouTube and noticed that they had used unusual wiring for the LEDs. I'm wondering if anyone knows what components they've used in this wiring [and could point me in the direction of where to buy them online].

I'm a beginner to electronics and wiring etc - just trying to find the most robust and professional way of doing it. Any help is really appreciated!

They look like audio leads from CD drives - usually a 3 or 4 pin .1" molex on each end....

Not the best by any means, but if you happened to have a boxfull to hand, why not...

Cheers for the reply Marvin Martian,

Currently i've soldered the LEDs to thin wires and then crimped the other ends to terminal connectors. The terminal connectors have two prongs which isn't ideal.

Any recommendations on how best to do it are welcome. I'm a bit lost on what's best.

I've used these.


You could bolster the leads with shrink tubing. If you needed something more robust 5 minute epoxy comes to mind (keep it from the plastic on the LED).

BTW. Quite often... the "plastic" around the LED is the same material as epoxy glue.

For wires, search for AWG in ebay. AWG 30 is suitable for pcb bridges and static connections (very thin) and AWG 24 is nice for other things.

And you also can buy shinking thermal tube to keep clean your connections, for example the end of leds, etc.

Cheers for all the tips!