what i have been up to, thus far.

Aside from doing quite a bit of mind-numbing research on building my CNC router, i have spent my weekends gutting out my old camper, as i plan on renovating it to become my portable CNC shed, as it is the only place i have available to put it, where it won't be in the way. the camper is a 29' dual-axle monster, and it will give me plenty of room for my CNC. I will have to re-structure some of the walls for side-to-side structure, if i take it down the road. but for the most part, it will be fairly open. so i will have room for the control computer, and other supporting electronics. it will also have room for some basic storage for spare parts, and other tools. I will be getting a little bit of money back from my tax return, so it will enable me to get a good start on my latest project.

Also, i was finally able to register my motorcycle, so after a spring tune-up, and after the weather turns better, i look forward to be out on two wheels again. I will have to be careful my first time out, as they have not yet finished cleaning up the road sand from this winter.

I haven't been posting much lately, mostly due to whenever i do, i seem to go against the grain of someone, somewhere. but heck with them, I'm going to post anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

as far as Arduino related projects, i have discovered a method to make a CNC pendant with an Arduino, for LinuxCNC. so that has been occupying the design portion of my brain, lately. if i get it to work, i will likely post my results to the forum. it is based on somebody else's work, but i will be making a few design and coding changes. and i plan on using my Xbee to make it a wireless pendant. :D


Adafruit has a really nice battery charging/management breakout board that is small enough to fit inside a handheld. That way you can use a rechargeable lion battery to power it.

I'm using one to provide battery back up to a wifi enabled freezer alarm. I get text messages if the freezer is warming up above 25 degrees, or if power is lost. (Wifi on APC) If goes above 32 a loud siren goes off and I get that alert as well.

Saved my food a few times already because for whatever reason I have a hard time getting the door to fully close.


On board buck-boost to bring the 3,7v to a nice 5v

The nextion supply will probably be a deal breaker.. some of the back lights use 700ma alone..

Even a graphical lcd display would consume a lot less power.

How do you like the nextion display? I have two but have been too busy to do much with them yet.

topic needs pics. However you probably do not need a rotary phase converter (450) for the money, you can get a static three phase converter for relatively cheap(150). You'll have reduced power to the motor but it might still be better than the makita. How much did it cost?

basically, it goes panel to disconnect to converter to machine. But, after commenting i did some more research and basically it is a bad idea to connect a cnc machine to a static phase converter because it not only affects torque, but also spindle speed, which, as you know is very important to a cnc machine.

I'm not too familiar with vfd's, but they guys at the CNCzone say you have to isolate the spindle from the rest of the machine/steppers. They seeemed unimpressed, but the same guy was pushing a particular phase converter as the only solution... and I know a rotary phase covertly will work, so consider the source...

I'd also say worse case it like it's like you got $500 in scrap. Beefy.

Travis, if you need help I'm pretty good with autocad inventor for designing a mount...

Hall effect sensors have a lot more repeatability than a mechanical endstop.

Travis, maybe you could just build something over the camper instead of attaching it to the camper...

What about a tarp. Not resting on the camper, but situated just over it at an angle. During the winter just put some heaters on top of the camper and it will keep the tarp above freezing so the snow will melt off, or, alternatively cause a really neat bon-fire ;)

Will the camper's suspension take all that extra weight?

Did you also order the ear plugs ?

Don’t forget those.

Post pics and vids. The story aint as good without pics and vids.

Should just leave the hole i need the floor. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Who doesn't have a phone that takes pictures nowadays? They give them away for free....

Wow; tight fit.

What have you thought about as far as dust abatement? It's a small space and when that thing gets chooching away I imagine walking around near it will be rather unpleasent.

Also, you gotta look on Craigslist for a small window ac ;)

Don't recommend applying grease to surfaces, they will get all gummed up.

Maybe a very very light film of spray silicon, but only after you prove it is necessary. .

That's the opposite of my manual, go figure. I do not understand why they say silicone will damage things.

I am sure you will find grease will turn into mud as the cuttings mix with it.

Cleaning after every use will help, but laziness will soon raise its ugly head.