what i have been up to, thus far.

my comment on the vide is that it wouldn't download... also, youtube is very strict about copywrite... besides, even if they did steal it it's a video of a cnc machine not a theatrical masterpiece...

Hi, mate. Just downloaded the wmv file, no problems. Play too, nice sound isn't it when you hit the button and the stepper squeal greats you ears.

Tom... :) :o :o :)

Hi mate, Hope you have an accessible E-Stop button fitted?

Tom... :)

what drivers are you doing using?

travis_farmer: Leadshine DM542E

I was using some cheap ones from China, but they were poor quality. these were recommend to me, and i must say, they work pretty good. :D


When you look at their ONLINE price, a definite good purchase. Tom.... :o :o :o :)

looks like a deal, there was someone else looking for a driver capable of driving a stepper that consumed 4 amps... i'm not sure if he considered 35 bucks to be expensive though. Looks pretty nice. I bet it makes even louder music :D

Hi, Nice job, but will the client want the woodworking gear in the middle of the kitchen floor?

Tom... :) :) :) :)

yikes. Nothing worse that homeowner electrical work. They never get the wires tightened enough or the right way around the screws!

i'm surprised people stil say for fully custom cabinets... looks like high quality craftsmanship though..

sure don't want to fall on the stairs. I might suggest tempered glass(shatterproof) in that window.

travis_farmer: probably not permanently ;) but it is a convenient location to setup, as that is where the electrical is run, so far u.[/u]


You can't do that in Australia, that is what sparkies are for. Electrical installation has to be to code and done by qualified Electrician and Signed Off on completion. (Paper trail) Although it seems we got a huge batch of Chinese manufactured Mains Cable that it not to spec as well as Highrise building cladding that has been installed. Tom.... :o :o :o :o :o :o

In the united states it varies from state to state but here, homeowners can do they're own electrical work if they want, but it stil has to be permitted and inspected. But plenty of people do work without permits.

travis_farmer: i am still using the test homing sensors, as i wanted to verify that the system was returned to working order before i change anything. just makes it easier to debug.

No! No! No! Travis Maaate, that is too logical, you don't do that sort of thing in this forum..

You might learn something...

Tom.... :) :o :) :o

This may be a good time to shop for leds. You could have extra lighting to beat the winter gray ready before Halloween snow.

I did get my $2 led disks working cooler by blinking them fast, 1ms ON/OFF and still they're too bright to look at without seeing afterimages. I switch power between the two (a PORT write, both switch in the same cycle) to have the least draw, I might be able to power 8 disks with a 1 Amp 12V supply.

Each disk has 36 led junctions all wired up for 12V. I used cheap (paid $5.something for 50) MOSFETs, 1 per disk.

If you have a Harbor Freight nearby, think about the free or on sale many-led flashlights as light sources. You only need to replace the batteries and hack a mount to brighten a dark corner.

See what deals you can get while you have weeks to get them. A little here and there, you could build a nice lighting system.

Just watch for sales that won't be there last minute. You can get ready to build in leisure if you tortoise it along while there's time.

It's like splitting wood. You don't wait till October do you?

About the CNC camper. You could suit up and stay out there for hours. But what are the chances that when you go to leave a snowdrift has piled up against the door? Well, not real high but not exactly unheard of either!

Did you get a heat wave in the last week? I think we hit into the 90's for a couple days, back down to daytime 80's now and chilly at night.

Do the lights come on?


but, i went into it knowing it had electrical problems in various places, and would need an overhaul. but just once i would like a surprise, and have it work perfectly. alas, no.

The sheer optimism is BLINDING! I need a welding helmet to read stuff like that!

That was a joke, Trav. A very exaggerated premise joke.

Me either travis. :-/ A half lit dust box isn't blinding. Good luck. Did you get the CNC going? I think you said you did, but we haven't seen anything neat made from it yet!


A half lit dust box isn't blinding.

No, but his optimism is not a half lit dust box hoping that buying old stuff stated as not in good condition will work perfectly anyway.

Have you ever met a 320 lb guy nicknamed Tiny?