what i have been up to, thus far.

Hmm. I thought you could set the current to steppers lower that what they need.... for testing, at the sacrifice of acceration, top end speed, and holding torque. I have a nema 23 motor that i am planning to use as the z stage in my printer but it wants 2.4amps and the duetWifi only outputs 2.2 amps... i had planned to set the digipot to around 2amps as the z stage only had to move relatively slowly.

Yep, in order to get 5amps out of them you'd have to put the board in the freezer. But, I think there might be something wrong if you cannot move your gantry with no load at lower current....


If you blow capacitors, i'd better be loud and with lots of smoke. If you do it, do it right. Well done.

If you are charging big batteries be careful. I had an 8d on my boat explode…wow.

travis, if you need high current power supply's for cheap, look for server power supplies...

12v 100amp supplies can be had on amazon for ~40 bucks.

Did you buy the converter from aliexpress or ebay? ebay almost always finds in the buys favor in disputes... either way i would open a dispute right away and ONLY CLOSE IT once you are completely satisfied. If they make good on their end you can close the dispute with no harm done..

you want to put the drag chain diagonally from one corner where the wires enter the drag chain. Amazon has got a wide selection, and you can just join the cable togheter if you need longer pieces.

Looking good! I have been debating for a while, but I think if i am going to choose between a CNC machine and a milling machine im going with a milling machine :D Once i get enough money for the CNC after i have the milling machine i can MILL PARTS for the CNC machine, like that mount for instance. Why buy it for $50 when you can make it for a little under $300 :D.

Because, that is definitely out of my budget :D

i don't know, 11k is a lot of money. I also have dreams of buying a Tesla. More of those dreams than cnc mill dreams. Plus, i think it would be a bit of a head ache having to spend a lot of time on the computer every time you wanted to use the mill..

Good luck Travis. I hope it goes well. Tom

How often do you drive more than 300 miles in a day?

my comment on the vide is that it wouldn't download... also, youtube is very strict about copywrite... besides, even if they did steal it it's a video of a cnc machine not a theatrical masterpiece...

Hi, mate. Just downloaded the wmv file, no problems. Play too, nice sound isn't it when you hit the button and the stepper squeal greats you ears.

Tom... :) :o :o :)

Hi mate, Hope you have an accessible E-Stop button fitted?

Tom... :)

what drivers are you doing using?

travis_farmer: Leadshine DM542E

I was using some cheap ones from China, but they were poor quality. these were recommend to me, and i must say, they work pretty good. :D


When you look at their ONLINE price, a definite good purchase. Tom.... :o :o :o :)

looks like a deal, there was someone else looking for a driver capable of driving a stepper that consumed 4 amps... i'm not sure if he considered 35 bucks to be expensive though. Looks pretty nice. I bet it makes even louder music :D

Hi, Nice job, but will the client want the woodworking gear in the middle of the kitchen floor?

Tom... :) :) :) :)

yikes. Nothing worse that homeowner electrical work. They never get the wires tightened enough or the right way around the screws!

i'm surprised people stil say for fully custom cabinets... looks like high quality craftsmanship though..