What i need to build project that identify Banknotes

Hi guys
How can i identify Banknotes by using arduino and what i need from Electronic parts to do that?

A good clear camera with good optical processing computer would be a start.


Hi guys
How can i identify Banknotes by using arduino and what i need from Electronic parts to do that?

There are four possible orientations of the banknote. Right now, how do you personally identify the banknote? Are you attempting to differentiate a banknote from plain paper? Or you trying to identify the amount it represents?

More information, please.


There might be some components you can find online such as the slot that reads paper money. Otherwise as Weedpharma said, you need camera and software. I also would add special lighting such as ultraviolet so the identifying marks (if any) are showing.

You'd also need to specify the currency you're interested in. Notes in the UK include many security features that are visible in the ultra violet spectrum. Picking up on these is reasonably simple if you have the processing power and memory available to manipulate images. Unfortunately most arduino's don't have this.

+1 on not using an Arduino for this.

This project involves developing a quite complex optical recognition algorithm, which is far from what an Arduino can (and should) do.

I think you'll need a camera and 2 sources of light: white (regular) and UV light. You'll take 1 shot with the camera using each source of light, and then compare the results to a database of known caracteristics for that bill. That's where the complex algorithm kicks in.

You should also keep in mind that most countries implement safety features in the bills that are meant to be tactile, like textures, pits and grooves, feel of the paper and the like. These can hardly be sensed with a camera (or anything non-human).

Some visual marks can only be seen by holding the bill against a light source. That means that you may need a 3rd shot, but this time lighting the bill from underneath it.

And there is also the 3D hologram....