What i need to order to build my project?

Hi every body, i need your support to build my project, my project is to build incubator controller device with touch screen and wifi, and 4 temperature sensor and one humidity sensor, and 8 relay output controlled by the board. irst this http://dx.com/p/robotale-uno-atmega8u2-development-board-with-usb-cable-blue-178262 and this the relay http://dx.com/p/8-channel-5v-relay-module-shield-for-arduino-148811 and the camera http://dx.com/p/ov7670-300kp-vga-camera-module-for-arduino-147742 and the wifi http://dx.com/p/hi-link-hlk-rm04-serial-port-ethernet-wi-fi-adapter-module-blue-black-214540 and the LCD http://dx.com/p/4-5-tft-touch-screen-480-x-272-display-module-w-stylus-pen-for-arduino-blue-155830 and 4 temperature sensor http://dx.com/p/ds18b20-temperature-sensor-module-blue-222587 and one humidity sensor http://dx.com/p/meeeno-dht11-electronic-bricks-temperature-humidity-sensor-module-orange-214232 is there any additional item i must buy with these to connect them together? and where to order the whole part other than DX thanks very much

The first thing that I would do is to make sure that there is documentation (data sheets, libraries, example code) for each of the components. If you can't interface and program for them they ain't worth much.

Your going to get zero documentation on anything you buy from Deal Extreme. I have bought stuff from them and will buy from them again, but I won't expect anything I buy from them to have tech specs or datasheets. That's just the way it is.

I would not worry about the touch screen, the camera, or the wifi to start. Actually, I wouldn't try the camera at all.

You have several small pieces to work on, getting a sensor reading, acting on a reading, activating a relay, feedback loops.

As for connecting things you will want probably want some wires with headers on them in the prototyping stage.

Maybe something like these: http://dx.com/p/breadboard-jumper-cables-wires-for-electronic-diy-100-male-to-male-40-female-to-female-203948

Put an FtoF and a MtoM together to connect a sensor to a microcontoller board.

You didn’t mention when you wanted to start work on your project. Bear in mind that shipment from foreign shippers always takes longer than shipping from a domestic site. Of course, you generally pay more from a local seller. Sometimes, I want things cheap, sometimes I want them in a few days, and sometimes I need them immediately, and where I buy things depends on the price and expected time of delivery.

So unless you are in Hong Kong, figure it will probably be 2-3 weeks before you get your goods. And when I’ve been looking around, I now see warning signs that shipping from China/Hong Kong will take even longer, due to one shipper putting in lithium batteries that exploded, and now all shipping has to be inspected, which adds to the wait time.

As bigred1212 touched upon, the camera is probably going to be an issue. Arduinos just do not have enough memory to do anything with still pictures or video. The best you can hope for if the Arduino has to process the image, is a low resolution image that probably takes a few minutes for the Arduino to download the image from the camera and store it into a memory card. It is much better if the camera can store images directly to the internet without using the Arduino, except for positioning the camera, and possibly telling the camera to shoot an image.

You didn’t mention what your skill level is. If you have never programmed before nor done anything with electronics, it will probably be a painful process. Try to break things down into smaller pieces, and try to delay ordering pieces you aren’t going to use immediately, as you might need to redesign things as you start working on it. Hopefully this isn’t a school project that you need in 2 weeks, or else you will probably not get that much sleep.

thanks every body for reply,
i will not buy from DX just i make list for the needed parts
i will remove the camera. is the parts fitting together in the boards that i list?
or i need some thing more?
i have my cousin they are programmer and they can help me with that,
but i need to know the part that needed and from where i can get them if i need them within week
i will ship with Aramex if in china or UK or US

any reply please please

You can order from DX... but look around ELSEWHERE.. to see if the same item/product has datasheets, specs and/or demo code for them at other places...

I would also do a quick inventory to see:

1.) how many PINS your components need/take up.. and if the UNO can still 'handle' everything.. 2.) ensure nothing is operating at a +3.3v logic level where as the UNO is a +5v logic board..(or make sure you have a level shifter)

Why are people saying the camera is an issue what I do is just read the pixel from the ov7670 and send it to the tft screen works great see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEsZeDC6co0 and read http://forum.arduino.cc//index.php?topic=159557.0 for more information on how I connected the ov7670 camera module.

Note, the tft screen you mention is 3.3v (see xl97's post).

In terms of how easy it is to program, It depends on whether you can send individual pixels to the screen (or groups of pixels). It would take 16,320 bytes to hold the entire screen in memory, and the Uno only has 2,048 bytes.

I have a 0.96" OLED i2c display, and it takes 1024 bytes for the screen, which can just fit in an Uno, but it doesn't fit at all in my ATtiny85's which only have 512 bytes. There are LCDs that have a graphics processor on the LCD, and there you can feed bits and pieces, and not have to keep the whole image in the Arduino memory.

Sorry MichaelMeissner you have seemed to misunderstand. The tft screen I am using is 5v and has built in ram so no need to store the whole image in the arduino.