What interface is this?

what is that for an interface and can i get it work with arduino Duemilanove [iam very beginner]?
Igot this from a o2 surf@home 2 box. It Has 30 gold pins.
On the Cable is written: EDT REV.A 40008216 Fm FU-2 <-> 1 ES13BA1FY 05083*AG

Thanks :slight_smile:

Now i can post the pictures :)

The answer is probably not.

It looks like it will need a driver chip, generally the Arduino does not have enough memory and it doesn't have a built in LCD driver.

With all those pins, it is very likely that they connect directly to the rows and columns on the LCD. That's an interface you don't want to try to build with an Arduino, unless you're a "mountain climber" type who likes to do very difficult, but not very practical, things "because they're there".

If you just want to attach a display for use in other projects, put that one in a box "to play with someday", and buy one of the many types that already has support.