what is a best Power supply for Lilypad

Hi guys
I am wondering if you know what external powersupply to use,
a walimart

I have one that is

swiching adapter
input 100-240v
max 0.3A
output :5v 0.5A

will this be good for a lily pad.

thak you in advance.

any One.

According to the Lilypad specs you will need to supply 2.7 to 5.5 volts, at 40 mA.

So 5 volts @ 500 mA is just hunky dory. Power up!

Thanks Mike
so you mean that will do the job , with out a major risk of frying the chip?


If you really really want to make sure, use a voltmeter to measure the power supplies output.

If it less than 5.5 volts, and greater than 2.7 volts, you can power you Lilypad with it.

thank Mike
I did use a voltimter and for a strange reason the fuse went off.
after replacing the fuse, I read 5v.

thank you for your great help

finally try it and works like a charm.