what is a cheap, easy to use accelerometer/gyro?

So, I found these ridiculously cheap gyroscopes with integrated DMP, the MPU3050, but using them with arduino is turning out to be WAY more complicated than I thought it would. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I should buy instead? I'm looking for under $10 if possible, and it needs to be gyroscope AND accelerometer; relatively easy to use with arduino. Thanks! Oh also, alternatively, if you happen to know a way to easily use the MPU3050 with arduiino, that'd be even better!

Something like this

Thanks! that looks like it will probably do what I need it to; you wouldn't happen to have some advice on how to use it, would you? I'm not sure what all the labels on the pins mean or how to use them!

Have a look here on details of how it will connect. The eBay module seems to be 5V compatible if the schematic is to be believed. Google 'mpu9150 arduino' to find several links to code and connection details.

What's the application? Its not usual to require gyros and not accelerometer as well, these days 6DoF or 9DoF IMUs are cheap and there's no reason not to get a full IMU.

@Riva thanks; I'll try that when I have some time. @MarkT I need to be able to calculate an object's exact position and orientation in space. Does this not have an accelerometer?

You can't calculate exact position in space, only orientation, and then you need a magnetometer too.

You can calculate short-term positional information but integrating an acceleration signal twice leads to unmanagable drift pretty quickly. Before you can use an accelerometer to measure acceleration you have to know orientation to be able to subtract out gravity, which means you need all 6DoF and a quaternion or DCM orientation measurement loop (though the MPUxxxx sensors do that part for you, which is nice).

Google "IMU"?

To get full information on position and orientation you need 9 or 10DoF and GPS, thats basically it.

Can't beat this.