What is a MAX038?

Hey guys 2nd time posting here. I'm a bit doubt about the MAX038. I'm going to use the MAX038 for my project (a waveform generator). Since my project will generate from 20Hz-20Mhz. MAX038 is a perfect match on it.

I'm in doubt if MAX038 is a programmable IC? or Not-programmable IC? or is it a microcontroller? does it need any code to run?

Thanks in Advance! Godbless. :slight_smile:

Read it’s datasheet. Looks like you send it data and it changes its output accordingly.

Sir crossroads, is it possible to vary the amplitude of the max038 (by putting additional IC, etc.) ??. Since the max038 has a fixed 2Vp-p for each waveform.

Thank you sir for the response. Give me some recommedations badly need this for my project. :slight_smile: Good day and GodBless sir.

Sure, look up multiplying DAC. Use your signal as the reference signal into the DAC and then use digital input from Arduino to control the output level.

Thanks sir crossroad. :slight_smile:
Also, can i attach a display (LCD OR LED) in the max038 or arduino? Can i use the guizduino sir?

Attach either display to arduino, yes. I don't know what guizduino is.

Sir i've seen this on the internet the circuit has a variable amplitude and uses a MAX038, can i use the circuitry for my project sir? :slight_smile:

It’s certainly possible - I have no idea what your project is tho!

And now I’m off to bed …

Uhm. My project is a function generator.
-has a 0.1Hz to20Mhz frequency
-has variable amplitude and variable frequency
-can produce sine square and triangular wave
-and a display (LCD OR LED)

Anyways thanks for the response sir. :slight_smile: