what is a MER 684J250V?

hi peeps!
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i took apart an old nightlight that didn't work and i found something peculiar:

a MER 684J250V

i took it off the nightlight's board and soldered some longer pins to it so that i could stick it into my bread board. The problem is: what is it and what is it used for???

plz answer this ASAP!!!



Google leads me to believe that it is a O.68uf 250V metalized film capacitor.

What does it look like? Google suggests it’s capacitor from a chinese manufacturer, 0.68uf @ 250v…

Which, if it looks like a cap, is what you should have guessed :wink:

684 = 0.68uf

250V = 250 volts

684 is like a resistor code, 68 followed by 4 zeroes, ie 680000, in pF, so 0.68uF.

J is the tolerance code, +/-5% according to google.

MER could be the manufacturer's code, perhaps this series: http://www.hitano.com.tw/productsInfo.aspx?id=2&key=5

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