What is a servo controller needed for?


I would like to play with servos. On all examples I have seen, the servo is connected directly to the arduino. But in many online stores they sell servo controllers as well.

What are these used for when a servo can be connected directly?

Thanks, Martin

They're used when you need to connect more servos than an Arduino alone can control, or when you need the Arduino pins for something else.

So you mean if I need eg. 3 servos I need 3 pins, but using a servo controller I only use 1 pin? So the arduino communicates serially with the controller?

Probably yes. Never used one myself.

Sometime controller are used just to off load the task from the arduino sketch, freeing up arduino resources like timers, etc. Also many of the servo controllers have added functions and features not provided by the arduino servo library. In most cases the arduino alone is fine for controlling a couple of servos, depending on what other stuff you need to perform in your application.


Ok thanks. For my simple project a standalone servo is fine then.