what is a very high-quality graphic/TFT LCD you'd recommend?

I'm not necessary looking for Iphone-screen caliber, but have been searching for a high-quality graphic/TFT LCD for graphing data and displaying images, but none that I've purchased/seen have been that appealing.

I'm interested in an LCD that has: --high resolution and 65K (or greater) COLOR display --size: 2.8" or 3.2" or above --excellent range of viewing angle (the LCD I received today had great visibility from top, but looks dark starting about 45 degrees from the normal line) --bright, and strong contrast --price: between $25 and $70 maybe

Honestly, there are many LCDs claiming to have these specifications on their store pages but so far I've purchased two and saw a couple that friends have used, and all have fallen short on the visibility appeal; am I expecting too much for a less-than-$70-ish price range?

Any you would recommend?

Have you looked at the screens from 4D Systems?



You're asking too much for $70

Maybe if you wanted to buy a few thousand of them (like apple will do for the iPhones)


Try looking into OLED displays, rather than LCD, as you'll get significantly better display quality. One example on eBay:


$50, but obviously you're on your own as far as driving it. Looks like an S6E63D6 Samsung controller with an available SPI interface, and the display itself has both 262k and 65k color modes. (Actually, now I'm half-tempted to pick up one for myself... :))

For smaller quantities of stuff like this, anyone who resells from Taobao should be able to get you items like this. If you're needing displays in volume and need higher quality controls, you might want to talk to someone like Densitron or Pacer.

4DS do a 3.2" LCD with touch for $80 I think. OLED is better but maybe twice the price.

The good thing about these screens is the simple serial interface.


Hey guys, Thanks for the 4D systems reference. Just updating that, after getting in touch with 4D systems, I'm likely to go with the 4DS LCD model 4DLCD-32 3.2”, which is just the LCD-by-itself part of the µLCD-32032-P1T(GFX) module (the latter includes a graphics processor etc.).

The LCD part by itself costs around $30. The specs, including seem rather satisfactory: For anyone interested, here is the info: http://www.4dsystems.com.au/prod.php?id=107

I just got 2 uLCD-32PTs and am looking forward to having a play.

I will be interesting to see if the onboard controller is worth the $50 extra. Let us know how it goes.


You can take a look at Adafruit's 2.8" TFT. It's USD40 with Arduino library & examples. :)