What is broken on my arduino uno?

I have accidentally broke my Arduino uno when I accidentally put 24volts on it and I am not sure what to replace, because I have tested the fuse but it is continuous when measured but it is hot to touch. So is the fuse broken ? or could it be the chip itself ?

I'm sure many things got burnt when one puts 24V onto a 5V device.

Explain exactly what you did ?

Was there smoke ?

I had a step down transformer and it was a faulty one so it didn't limit the voltage and yes, there was

Smoke =


What is broken?

Probably most everything.

You can use it as a nice paperweight or a funky pocket square.
Otherwise, it's trashed.

You might be able to replace the regulator and both chips but is it worth the effort for a $6 board?

found out the chip was broken, I did that by de-soldering it and the fuse was no longer hot to touch!
(it's cheaper at least for me to buy a new chip instead of a new device)

The USB interface chip and many other supporting components may have been spiked as well.

You still may find it cheaper to replace the board but good luck with the chip.

An Arduino board damaged by an over voltage connection, which emitted smoke, is most likely to damage your computer or other items it connects to.

If you continue to do this you risk of having to spend much more money.

gotten one from a device which uses it, thankfully it reads the device and it is working. I guess I am lucky

Very very lucky, however, the devices on that board have been stressed so don’t be surprised if your computer gets damaged over time.

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^ This

Just because it works does not mean it is working properly or safely

The Arduino may degrade further, but how would it manage to damage the PC? :grimacing:

Every semiconductor device... Its a bit like if you hit a piece of glassware with a large hammer and you wonder how much of it got damaged!

Parts designed for 5V and with absolute maximum supply voltages of 6.5V or so will be instantly destroyed by 24V as all the gate oxide layers pop in nanoseconds.

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