What is PWM Output

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I'm new here. - I read the words: "PWM Output" and do not know what it means.
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Imagine that you want to operate an LED light.

You can switch it on, or you can switch it off - so it is either bright, or dark.

Now imagine that you can switch it on and off very quickly so it is on for half the time and off for half the time. It will appear to be lighting, but only dimly.

These pulses have equal on and off widths.

Now imagine that you make the ON width shorter than the OFF width and it will seem even less bright.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is the business of changing those widths so that, for example you can control the brightness of a light or the speed of an electric motor.


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Try Goggling: PWM, Arduino PWM, PWM tutorial etc.